Ask The Imam

Imam Zia answers the questions during – Ask the Imam Session.

This was held in Islamic Center of Irving, TX on October 11th 2012.

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One thought on “Ask The Imam

  1. Asalaamalakum

    my name is john mohammad peerzada and I have lots heavy hard ship believe is from the accursed shaytan and jadoo I have had a bad past. Also I can not sleep and get bad thoughts and urges I can not control…. my prayers help always! allah helps but I get the problem after my prayers finished …my muslim brother/sister can you make duwa for me and my family and all who has this problem so allah may have mercy on us and forgives us please

    Jazaku allahu khairan .thank you may allah bless you always for this help as a muslim brother please help and tell other brothers to make duwa in sincerety for us please I am begging so allah can see our good deeds and grant us of his mercy and forgiveness

    Please please please.

    John mohammad peerzada

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