Tafseer Of Surah Ta-Ha – Session 11

Imam Zia discusses from Ayah 115 to 127. In this session, Allah SWT gives first of the warnings given to human being i.e: to Prophet Adam A.S and how Allah SWT consoles our beloved Prophet (Peace and blessing be upon him and his family) on various instances.

Ta-ha means “O Man” and refers to our beloved Prophet SAW, where Allah SWT addressing him from many of his names.

This was held in Islamic Center of Irving, TX on September 20th 2012.

Please visit http://www.imamzia.com , http://www.irvingmasjid.org and http://www.sunnahfollowers.net for more of this series.

To Donate Irving Masjid, please follow the link http://irvingmasjid.org

Audio Podcast Download Session – 11, Click here.


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