Tips for Syncing G1 Android (G-phone) with Outlook

Although this blog is not related to high-tech stuff, I know that there will be big issues related to this phone and syncing to Outlook. And as some people in the community call me “high-tech Imam”, I should try to live up to the label! But this should help people out there in general.

I got my G1 phone today, a couple of days before the release, and understandably I was upset that I couldnt sync it with Outlook as I could with the Blackberry.

Anyway, I worked out how to do it:

First, create a Gmail account. You should already have done that when you started the phone. Access this account from the computer where you have your Outlook contacts.

Next, create a file from Outlook by exporting all contacts using Outlook and creating a file in a place you can remember for example My Documents.

Go back to your Gmail account. Click on CONTACTS. In the top right corner click on IMPORT Contacts. Your phone should automatically sync with these contacts once you have imported them from where you saved them, for example My Documents.

1 step I am not sure whether its necessary or not is in the Contacts Options, allowing the Gmail service to contact your phone. It’s all self-explanatory.

But I am loving the phone so far!


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