Ramadaan Khateerah – Day 10

Ramadaan Khateerah – Day 10 by Imam Zia

This lectures discusses about –
1. Jist of Surah Tawba, one of the verses where Allah (SWT) describes the situation where the Mushrikeen wanted to build masajid.
2. How Allah (SWT) commanded the Prophet (PBUH) not to be involved for laying the foundation.
3. Whenever we set for a new project have the intention of soley to please Allah(SWT) without another motive.
4. Tips for standing in Leadership position.

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This talk was conducted at the ISI – Islamic Center of Irving,TX after Fajr by Imam Zia.
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May Allah(SWT) give us the Tawfiq to understand and practise what we have said and heard. Ameen.


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